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Ask Polly!!! The Internet Advisor Polly Guerin
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       Her program of Powerful Presentation Skills provides dynamic
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       Learn how speech, manners, deportment and the way you dress sends signals that indicate whether you are a leader, procrastinator, or slagger. Remember dressing up is new again and dressing down is out,
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THE DYNAMICS OF ART DECO: Polly Guerin, editor in chief of The Modernist, an Art Deco magazine and a recent featured speaker at (CAUS) Color Association of the United States, is expanding her Art Deco repertoire on the lecture circuit for diverse audiences.
       Professional women's organizations and women's clubs may wish to engage Ms. Guerin as a keynote speaker at a regular meeting or special event.
       A lively raconteur of the Art Deco genre, Ms. Guerin focuses on the streamline style of the 1920's and 1930s covering topics from fashion and notable women of the era, to architecture and home furnishings. Highlights of her lecture include luminaries of the Art Deco era including Ludwig Mies Van der Rohe, Le Corbusier, Emile Jacques Ruhlman, Rene LaLique, Sonia Delaunay and Tamara de Lempika.
       The Dynamics of Art Deco pinpoints the major influences on streamline modernism in a discussion that includes cultural influences from Orientalism, Aztec, Egyptian and the Harlem Renaissance movement. The major entertainment personality Josephine Baker is given center stage as is Maurice Chevelier and Mistinquett.
       Storyboards which augment the lecture provide visual impact of the subjects discussed. For further information contact Ms. Guerin at pollytalknyc@gmail.com.

ART DECO Collectible Magazine
: The millennium, literary 40-page magazine published by the Art Deco Society of New York is a collectible issue, not just for Art Deco aficionados, but for anyone who appreciates and enjoys modern style.
       Featuring international articles in the Art Deco genre, the publication was produced by Editor In Chief, Polly Guerin, and Art Director Peter Davis and published by the Art Deco Society of New York.
       Major articles include: the Radio City Music Hall Restoration; England's Eltham Palace, living on a grand scale that recalls Noel Coward's Private Lives; the Musee des Annees 30, the new Art Deco museum in Paris; as well as features on Bakelite Radios and Scents of Style. The magazine costs $20 and can be ordered through the ADSNY website: www.artdeco.org.